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Effectively Using Agile Techniques in Distributed Development Environment

Agile methodology allows you to follow an iterative, collaborative approach that involves users and assumes that software development needs to consider change rather than discourage it. CI has overcome the challenges faced in distributed agile teams by combining adaptive processes, tools and management techniques.
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Introduction to Agile Development

Agile development methodologies have been designed to address the problem of delivering high quality software on time under constantly and rapidly changing requirements and business environment. Agile development processes are characterized by extensive coding practice, intensive communication between key stakeholders, small and flexible teams and fast iterative cycles.
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Co-sourced Partnership Best Practices

Outsourcing is about moving task or process out of the organization. Co-sourcing does not move the task out of the organization but it brings in additional resources that can be applied in a flexible manner. Co-sourcing enables you to collaborate and have extensive visibility over the project. The entire relationship is managed through performance indicators and its gives control over key individuals in the team. This article summarizes the best practices implemented at CI in a co-sourced partnership.
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