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Press Releases

The rise of the girl geek in the city (The Hindu - News Line)

Every year, on an average, 52 per cent of the entry-level jobs in IT go to women.
Yet at the middle level, the 'leaky bucket' syndrome kicks in and more than half of that workforce vanishes, said Sarada Ramani, CEO of CI.COM, speaking at the city's first ever Devfestw a developers' fest for women held recently. Read more...

Taking Charge (The Hindu - Business Line)

What possibly works in favour of women is that there are no set criteria or conditions for success in this industry. Chance as well as hard work is of vital importance here. Sarada Ramani founded Computers International (CI) in 1996. Her latest award is the Rajiv Gandhi National Quality Awards, 2003.

Keeping her company (The Hindu)

Sarada says, "We emphasise on technical competency and good work attitude, and customer satisfaction is our aim. There are no hierarchical barriers and people are encouraged to talk to us and share ideas. Performance alone matters."

The new face of women (The Hindu)

In 2004, she received the Best Woman Entrepreneur of the Country award from the President. Her tips for women were to network, not to nitpick, make their value known to others, be aggressive about their pay cheque and have fun.