CI – Product Engineering


CI's .NET CoE is geared towards adoption of the technologies towards providing valued added solutions to the customer. While the .NET framework, encompasses the language and the execution platform, the class libraries provides rich in built functionality.

The CoE has professionals who are skilled in .NET technology (including .NET framework) which includes developers, testing professionals and technology analysts.

Some of the .NET projects that CI has successfully worked on are:

  • Creation of mobile work force management product

  • Integration of Payment Gateway with QuickBooks

  • Creation of Add-Ons for QuickBooks

Customer Speaks

We hired Parthasarathy to build a custom application to work with getting data in and out of QuickBooks Enterprise for a client and additionally hired him to work on custom QuickBooks applications for a major conversion we performed for a client's move to QuickBooks Enterprise.

His products were great, a good value and he was extremely responsive. He followed up timely and was able to do a quick turnaround when we were in need. I would recommend his services to any and all.
Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, Good Value

Jeff Siegel
Partner, Siegel & Associates LLC