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"Test was successful. same Item is now being added when we export on the four handheld that we used. Thank you CI team for all the help and support. We will Go live with this in two weeks when we do our inventory. Attached is the sign off sheet. Thanks."
"Great company, Great products, i am very happy with MSP, the quality of service we have got from CI India have surpassed all of our expectations, keep going guys you are doing a great job"
Najib Lahlou
Aliments Jardi-Sherbrooke
Quebec , Canada

"You are the BEST QBSDK programmer I have ever worked with..."

Taj Haslani,
United States
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Delighted Clients Talk
This is what some of our Client say about us....
Peter Heinicke - PC Methods

Hi Prabakar and the rest of the team,

Really nice work. Thank you very much. Thanks for your deliverables and it looks perfect. I am very proud to be associated with you. The install was flawless. Everything I tried to open worked fine. I sent an email to all my users to keep transactions to a minimum today, just in case we need to revert back to the backup I made last night. (Note, I am a worry wart!) So for, to say that I am very impressed would be an understatement. I am taking your paperwork to AP this morning to make sure your payment gets out on this weeks check run. We are looking forward to a long relationship.

Mid-Pacific Distributors, Inc.

Hi Support Team,

Thank you so much for the support. Thanks again and I appreciate your immediate response to our problem.

Brigham Enterprises Inc.

Hi Team

Thank you very much for your immediate support. Highly appreciate it.

Gafsons Industries Limited

Dear Prabakar

My Company wishes to express its appreciation to your company for assisting us in resolving the problems we were having with our accounting software, SBT 7.2.
We would also like to commend you personally on the dedication and professionalism you have demonstrated throughout the time you were seconded this project. The fact that we were able to complete the contracted tasks well within the allotted time is testimony to quality of your input. It was indeed a pleasure working with you.
On behalf of the Directors and staff of Gafsons Industries Limited, especially those of the MIS department, I wish you a safe return to India and look forward to a continuation of the fruitful relationship we have enjoyed with you and your principals within CI.COM (P) Ltd.

Sun Business Information

Mobile SalesPerson changed the client operation and operational control of the reps almost immediately. Rather than waiting for the end of the day, the orders are uploaded through slow modems. This resulted in $ 300k savings in personal cost and approx 1-2 hours per day of time is saved which translated into 15600 hour per year to generated additional revenue.

Axis global partner, Richard White, Canada

Hello Accpac Team Thank you for your deliverables. You have designed the Payment Requisition Manager application very well. Your team has done an excellent job in this complex solution that integrates with Primavera Contract Manager for Constructions. Please convey my appreciations to your team members.

Steve Nemzer, VP, Global Development and Test Solutions, Lionbridge, USA

"Congratulations, MobileTeam CI.COM, on your achievement. It is clear that you are passionate about this product (Mobile SalesPerson) ."

OppSoft Business Solutions, Jim Yuelapwan

"Thank you for the compliment. It has been and is a pleasure working with your organization and especially with Prabakar and his team. Gauging from the resources you have in your organization such as Prabakar's skills, enthusiasm and loyalty to your company, I can easily see why you are such a successful leader and businessperson. As I continue to grow my own organization, I look forward to a more strategic partnership between CI.COM and OppSoft. Please feel free to contact me if OppSoft can in any way be an extension of your organization in the USA, especially in the mobile industry. We are very good at sales and marketing. "

Andre. Griffith

"Ramani(Managing Director) has promoted CI India as a leader in mobile technology provider of Sage ACCPAC systems for SME companies like mine. I can testify it is one of the most seamless, integrated and simnple systems to work with. I have trained other non-IT staff to work with the mobile systems with no headaches. The technology solutions given by CI are throrough and makes good business sense. CI has provided sound business controls and audit trails to handle mobile transactions that are not online with the ERP but is updated when mobile sales team returns to thier main sales office seamlessly. In addition, CI has online mobile solutions that can have sales transactions once hook up to the business WAN be 'beamed' or update in real-time the central ACCPAC ERP system located at the company's data-center." Top Qualities: Expert, Good Value, High Integrity

Tom Francl

“CI.COM delivered the desired project very quickly and has provided support since then. I would use his programming services again”. Top Qualities: Expert, Good Value, High Integrity

High Rise Fire Inc

"I want to thank everyone for all of their hard work and support during this upgrade. I am pleased that I can rely on your group for support and our future needs"

Customer Trax

"I am impressed with the quality of your programming and hope to continue working with you on Ongoing projects"

Automation Plus Inc

"I thought CI did GREAT from the standpoint of the more complex enhancements.I was very satisfied with the response time of fixes and verify satisfied with their work. I would be very happy to use CI.COM on future projects"

Andre. Griffith

“The service has been very good and we are happy to date”

SABIS Consulting

“I would like you to convey this message of thanks and appreciation to Nirmala. She has been most helpful in completing this development project. She kept up late nights (early morning hours at your end), just to make sure we have a working product to deliver to our client. I truly appreciate the effort and dedication.”

Sage Pro, Sage Accpac
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Mrs. Sarada Ramani, President, Computers International at the Panel Discussion on General ERP's vs Vertical ERP's vs Point Solutions at the Regional MSME Conclave 2012 held in Chennai on 23rd August 2012.

CI.COM participated in the recent Sage Summit from 12th August to 17th August.

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We have great opportunities for those who want to stretch their wings. CI is looking for career oriented software professionals......

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