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About CI.COM

CI.COM is an Enterprise Mobility Solutions and Products (EMSP) Company founded in the year 1998 in Chennai. EMSP provides a holistic Mobility Solution to automate Field Sales, Service and Delivery processes removing the manual hassles and inaccuracies, improve the Productivity, Speed and Accuracy ultimately transferring a very strong value proposition of increasing the Revenue and reducing expenditure for our Global Clientele including but not limited to SMB.

CI.COM Global Client base of 225 includes Aruba , Barbados , Canada , Dubai , Fuji , Guam , Guyana , India , Japan , Jordan , Kuwait , Malta , Mauritius , Puerto Rico, Saudi Arabia , Singapore , South Africa , Srilanka , St Lucia , United Kingdom , United States of America , Venezuela ..Etc. The CI.COM Team is very knowledgeable about the business processes, pragmatic, Domain Expertise and Geographical needs and hence they are able to deliver a customer centric value proposition to their customers.

Mission Statement

"CI.COM shall constantly strive to achieve total customer satisfaction by continuously improving the systems, quality and timely delivery of its products and services"

Founding Principles

"Growing Together" binds the organization people, client, vendor and other institution into a symbiotic relationship, each providing a well nurtured growth environment. Our philosophy is "We deserve to get what we are legitimately entitled to get and not based on the affordability of the Customer" - Create Value - Communicate Value and Deliver Value. The client has every right as they are sustaining us and taking us into our path of glory.

We are committed to provide 200% value to our clients. We are here to provide cost effective, utmost quality product, which will reap us of benefit to our clients. Seeking newer pastures is a sign of growth. Retaining the existing Client is a sign of stability. We are committed for a Stable-Growth.

For us at CI.COM, Quality is not only a philosophy but also the way of life. So together we can make things happen and GROW TOGETHER.

Organisation Culture

  • With the flexibility and autonomy enjoyed, the CIians cherish the values of commitment, consistency and co-existence.
  • With empowerment and autonomy, the CIians are adept in aligning their efforts with others.
  • There is greater transparency and openness around business policies including those related to CIians.
  • Personalized work plans and performance goals with an in-built positive review mechanism help the CIians enjoy their work besides grooming themselves to face more challenges.
  • With a strong culture built over several years every CIIANS exhibits concern for people within and outside.
  • Experiences absence of hierarchical barrier in interaction.
  • Enjoys freedom to experiment & innovate and a family feeling in all work places.
  • Encourages positive criticism and learns to achieve better.
  • Ensures to do better than yesterday everyday and thereby creates value and wealth for himself, the client and the organization