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Get to know about our Sales Head
December 8, 2008
"Prasad delivered the desired project very quickly and has provided support since then."
Tom Francl
December 8, 2008
"Prasad has promoted CI India as a leader in mobile technology provider of Sage ACCPAC systems for SME companies like mine. "
Andre. Griffith

Sage Pro ERP

With an immense domain and business knowledge starting from Vision Point to Sage Pro ERP CI.COM helps the sage Pro resellers / end users to resolve their complex critical issues and pave the platform for a resounding Business Success.

With healthy approach, well-experienced solution architects and quality process we increase the profitability of Sage Pro Resellers. This helps the Sage Pro resellers to have a decisive edge over their competitors. CI.COM offers the following services in Sage Pro ERP product

  • Sage Pro ERP – Customization
  • SQL to Sage Pro Integration
  • Interfacing Sage Pro ERP with other ERP

Sage Pro ERP – Customization

Sage Pro ERP is an award-winning accounting and manufacturing solution with full source code availability for ultimate flexibility and growth.

We are Development Partners for Sage Pro. Our Zero-defect-on-time delivery has created a niche for us in Sage Business Community and several of our clients who had their trial projects done by us for them have retained us as their preferred Off-shore Development / Solution providers.

CI.COM software engineers are experts at developing and supporting custom applications either as stand-alone solutions or as add-on modules fully integrated with our industry-leading ERP. CI.COM delivers custom software which is designed to fit your unique business process. Our development department delivers high quality and lasting value with full implement documentation of development all for our clients.

 CI.COM Professional services in Sage Pro ERP product
  • We have been providing enhancements in Accounting Package from Vision Point (VP) to latest Sage Pro ERP version for more than ten years as Development Partner.
  • Architecture Consulting.
  • Focus on implementing the "best practices" inherent in the application to create the most cost-effective, supportable implementation of Sage Pro Products
  • Technical Support and solutions to Sage Pro ERP by phone, onsite, and via remote computer access.
  • Integration of value added products with Sage Pro ERP
  • Open source integration with Sage Pro / 3rd Party product
  • Data transfer between Sage Pro and 3rd party product
  • On line Shopping cart Integration with Sage Pro ERP
  • Cross Platform Upgrade of existing applications
  • CI.COM has always felt that commercial product innovation is outpacing people's ability to remain updated. CI.COM has been offering customized learning solutions to ERP end users. These learning solutions increase the productivity by reducing the learning curve of the end users.
  • VFP & Sage Pro Frame work training to Resellers / End users. This helps to do their custom work on their own.
  • Legacy Migration
  • Application Database Migration
  • Major enhancement and maintenance to Existing Sage Pro ERP and reseller’s applications.
  • CI.COM's onsite service means instant solutions for mission critical requirements. CI.COM provides onsite services for providing customized solutions, training and development. On using our onsite services, the client can stay focused on his core competency and make better use of his internal resources. This not only helps cut IT service costs but also increase productivity.

The requirement differs from customer to customer and also based on the nature of industry. With our 100+ man-years of experience in Sage Pro ERP product, we understand your operational needs better and strive to provide our best to each of you.

As one among the resellers like you, we operate on the principle of “Manage your business at your desktop, We at CI.COM will take care of the rest”

SQL to Sage Pro Integration
Incorporate Pro series functionalities through certain functions written outside the Pro series. It would support Pro 6.5 through 7.5 and back end SQL Server and FoxPro databases.

 Detailed Description:
  • An external application (in VB .NET) created the following Pro transactions
    • PO receipts
    • SO Shipment
    • Inventory transaction
    • IC Receipts
    • IC Issue
    • IC Transfer
  • The client required SQL statements in ANSI standards to get this done. The SQL statements must be in generic and not dependent on any one particular back-end. They would work across the VFP, SQL Back Ends.
  • The inputs for these transactions that provided to write the SQL statements would PO number, Location id, Quantity etc. for PO Receipts.
  • We have passed two more variables about the company number and the database to be fetched.
  • The whole Process (Purchase Order Receiving, SO Shipment and Inventory Transaction) in PRO that exists in VFP / Wrapper code has been simulated in SQL statements to accomplish the transaction and update the relevant databases.
  • These processes has executed from an external application (VB.NET) using a set of SQL statements.

The Client used an external application (in, which will be used in creating Pro transactions.

 ActiveX DLL:

CI created an ActiveX DLL, which would get the parameters from; the DLL would process the SQL statements and perform the required action in the database. This DLL could be embedded in to the Clients Program..


The Database may be FoxPro and SQL.

  • A Functional code has been written in a .DLL file
  • This file can be integrated with any platform (like VB, VB .Net etc) by creating the object reference for the same.
  • With the help of this file, we get the parameters from the client’s function (Written in
  • And these Parameters are passed on to the statements (that is within the DLL – supported by all back ends).
  • Based on the parameters the requested operations such as Purchase Order Receiving, SO Shipment and Inventory Transaction have been performed.

Interfacing Sage Pro ERP with other ERP’s
We had integrated Sage Pro ERP with other 3rd Party application / other ERP’s such as Quick Books, POS, Rental Control management etc.,
Also we did three way integration with Sage Pro, POS , QuickBooks,

 POS with Quick Books

Quick Books is an ERP Application widely used by small scale enterprises for business purposes. POS is a point of sale product interfaced to leading ERP applications.

CI has created Application Interface Processing (AIP) program to interface POS with Quick Book Products such as Quick Books Pro, Quick Books Premier and Quick Books Enterprise Editions. This program will check for updates in POS at regular intervals. When this program is initiated data synchronization will be done. Information from QB will flow into POS Product.

 The following are the information that will flow from QB
  • Inventory Information update
    • Item Details
    • Receive Items / Enter Bill
    • Adjust Quantity
    • Sales Receipts
    • Invoice
  • Customer Details
  • Open Invoices
  • Customer Price Group
  • Payment Terms
  • Account Information
  • Payments and refunds
  • Payments Method details
  • Receive Items / Enter Bill
 The following are the information that will flow into QB
  • Inventory Information Update
    • Inventory Receipts
    • Inventory Issue
    • Physical Inventory
    • Transactions
  • Customer Details
  • POS Transactions
  • Payments and refunds
  • Drawer Reconciliation information
  • Layaway Payments and refunds
  • Special order payments and refunds
  • Payment Terms

We have developed a new User Interface screen to get Quick books and POS Setup information which includes QuickBooks Company, QuickBooks Path, POS Installed Path, Default Accounts such as Posting, Offage, Payment Discount, Cost of Good, Income, Inventory Adjustment, Asset Account and so on.

Quick Books interface program will process the data at regular intervals to check the updates from Quick Books and to transfer the data from POS. Quick Book Interface Program uses Quick books foundation class (QBFC) API program for interfacing POS with Quick Books.

News & Events
July 2, 2010
Our CEO and team received MMA Award for Managerial Excellence 2010 at the 54th Year of Madras Management Association held on 2nd July 2010. Photos
May 20, 2010
CI.COM participated in Sage Insights 2010, held at Denver, CO, in May 2010. Photos
May 20, 2009
CI.COM participated in Sage Insights 2009, held at Nashville, TN, in May 2009. Photos
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